Sunday, July 27, 2008

Translation: 加油

> 有些糊涂,书上说是come on
> 现实中有的人说是 go go go
> 还有人说是 hop on
> 韩国人经常使用 fighting

> 那么,老外到底怎么说加油的呢?
> (上次举办拔河比赛的时候,我们公司的外籍员工都叫一个单词pull~pull~

"Pull" is obviously a proper word in cheering for the tug-of-war game. But in general, "go" is the word. It's commonly followed by the player or players on your own side, like "Go China", "Go Accounting" (suppose you're in the Accounting department of the company).

"Come on" is OK too. But you don't shout it many times in a row as you shout "go". I don't know "hop on" or "fighting" in this context.

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