Monday, August 25, 2008

Difference in pronunciation between "fond" and "found"

It's better to listen to a good speaker. I think most Chinese have problems with "ou" in "found" or "ow" in "town". If you slowly pronounce "found" as f-a-u-n-d, it will be good. Instead, many Chinese pronounce "found" and "fond" as (I think) f-a-n-g-d. "Fond" is really f-o-n-d, where "n" is not "ng", and "o" is that in "dog".


dongping said...

请问What’s So Wrong About Porn?是什么意思?



Yong Huang said...

I would choose the third translation. The tone is against porn. But you may also say the author perhaps works in the porn industry and notice that this industry is not doing well lately (not making profit), so he's questioning the marketing and other issues.