Sunday, May 5, 2013

Incorrect English in a petition to the White House

I just saw Invest and deport Jasmine Sun who was the main suspect of a famous Thallium poison murder case (victim:Zhu Lin) in China, a petition to the White House calling for investigation and deportation of a suspect in the Zhu Ling case. I'm pleased with this volunteer work that aims at bringing this 18-year-long horrendous criminal case to a satisfactory end. However, the author of this petition is seriously lacking in basic English language skills. Lousy errors occur from the title to almost the end: "Invest" for "Investigate", "Zhu Lin" for "Zhu Ling", ..., "petite" for "petition". I'm deeply disappointed with this apparently Miami-based Chinese gentleman that has a warm heart yet inadequate training in English. Let's see if the White House will respond to a petition full of grammatical as well as factual (Zhu Lin for Zhu Ling) errors, if the signature count reaches 100 thousand.


G.G said...

I am deeply disappointed with many who are considered by themselves to have learned English in a right way but not to choose to do things in a right way like an English gentleman under many circumstances including this one. - G.G

Yong Huang said...

Thanks for your comment. I contacted my friend and asked her if she can contact the author to see if the petition text can still be edited. Hopefully they'll realize this ought to be treated seriously.

G.G said...

Truly appreciate this good deed being considered and well done by a good one indeed!

jingjing zeng said...

Hi Yong Huang

if your friend needs any help with translation or correction with the petition or any letters regarding to Zhu Ling's case. I could help out. Please feel free to cantact me.
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