Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off-topic: 罗家伦"新人生观"

Luo Jialun's "A New Point of View of Human Life" is full of interesting little stories and quotes of historical figures. Other than that, his own words are sometimes thought-provoking, such as the following, when he talked about the role of Belgium in World War One and the recognition of its contribution:


pp.116-7, "从完成责任到实现权利","新人生观"

That's new to me because nobody, either from the mainland side or from Taiwan, talked about lack of participation or involvement of the then Chinese government or army when talking about the humiliation of China at the Paris Peace Conference.

Other points in the book are also worth reading. He said Japan became so aggressive and atrocious because China spoiled Japan, not limiting their mischief at the early stage.

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