Wednesday, November 19, 2008


> 由于现在一些“适合中国人的英英词典”面世,
> 我本人也使用了多年,觉得是比英汉词典查
> 得更多单词,但是在记忆词汇的释义时不知
> 道该记 中文释义还是英文释义?如果记英文
> 释义,觉得效率似乎不高,如果记中文释义

Question: When you as a Chinese student learn a new English word, should you memorize its English or Chinese definition? The English definition suffers from low efficiency and the Chinese definition obstructs thinking in English.

Answer: How about memorizing its English synonym? Let's say the word is "cranky". You remember its meaning as "unhappy". Since "unhappy" is a very easy word, using that for its meaning won't be harder than using the Chinese translation.

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